Hormone Therapy


NuCara Wellness Clinic specializes in hormone testing and treatment

Testing options:

  • Saliva
  • Blood
  • Food sensitivity testing
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Lifestyle encouragement
  • Supplements

Plus, we are able to compound hormones on-site at our pharmacy!

Our wellness clinic focuses on the root cause of illness, to help those who entrust us to live a well-balanced life while enjoying optimal health. PLUS our infusion center offers a comprehensive scope of high-quality sterile infusion therapies. We offer DUTCH testing for patients with symptoms of hormonal imbalances. Those symptoms include: unexplained fatigue, mood swings, hot flashes, sleep disturbances, weight gain, changes in hair growth, food cravings ... just to name a few. We offer a comprehensive recommendation plan that involves lifestyle changes in addition to supplements and/or medications (traditional or compounded). We recommend that patients continue to see their primary care providers for acute illnesses when needed.

How it works:

We have patients sign a release at their primary care office for records to be faxed to us from at least the past year (sometimes more if there is something specific that has been ongoing for longer). These records should include any lab results and diagnostic imaging that have been completed. Records should also be included from any specialists that have been seen in the past year.

We send a comprehensive questionnaire via email for the patient to fill out regarding history.

We schedule the patient for a consultation so that we can give recommendations for additional testing. We like to see patients back in about 3-6 months for follow-up.

We are available via email or phone call for questions that arise after the initial consult. We just ask for 48 hours to return any messages.

Who it’s for:

  • Men (all ages): experiencing fatigue, low motivation, acne, hair loss, weight gain, plateau in workout progress, sleep changes, and more.
  • Women (all ages): experiencing mood swings, fatigue, hot flashes, facial hair growth, hair loss, weight gain, sleep changes, sexual dysfunction, and more.

Why it’s important:

Many patients experiencing symptoms of unbalanced hormones benefit from bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). For ALL patients, we make recommendations for lifestyle changes to balance hormones during BHRT for the best long-term results. Young patients don’t always expect issues with hormone imbalance, but this can be problematic (even in those in their early 20’s) due to stress, poor eating choices, lack of exercise, or even too much exercise. We’re all human and we can work together to set goals building towards a healthier lifestyle!

For older patients, aging shouldn’t be uncomfortable. “I’m just getting old” shouldn’t mean that patients suffer in silence with menopausal symptoms or low testosterone symptoms. This can be an enjoyable time of life and we can help with hormone testing and BHRT! How it works: Talk with our nurse practitioner, fill out a comprehensive history questionnaire, send a copy of your most recent labs, and schedule an appointment with the nurse practitioner to discuss testing options.

What to expect:

The online questionnaire is sent to patient email. This software also has features to upload labs and message the provider. Once all information is received, schedule a consultation with the provider. (Watch our Facebook site for special sales!) Allow an hour to fill out the questionnaire; this can be saved and completed later if needed. Once scheduled for the consultation, allow an hour to discuss options for testing and any concerns that weren’t listed on the questionnaire. What to expect with testing will be discussed in depth at the consultation as there are several options.